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-====== Proper darkfield correction for bayer pattern images ======+====== Proper darkfield correction for Bayer color pattern images ====== 
 +Darkfield and flatfield corrections for Bayer pattern color images are critical.  
 +To ensure exact results the corrections must be made before the color interpolation. 
 +With SImg this is quite easy, since SImg supports direct processing and storing  
 +of Bayer pattern color images. 
 +Here is an example for a darkfield and a flatfield correction. The darkfield is stored in 
 +''​dark.sif''​ and the flatfield is stored ''​flat.sif''​. The input image is a digital camera 
 +raw image. All three images must be Bayer color pattern images and must have the same Bayer pattern. 
 +<code bash> 
 +export SImg_cameraWB=0 
 +simg add -f1 -1 dark.sif input.raw | 
 +  simg mul -e1 -1 flat.sif -o output.sif 
 +The output is a Bayer color pattern image with the same pattern as the input image. The  
 +environment variable ''​SImg_cameraWB''​ should be set to ''​0''​ to avoid conflicts with 
 +the automatic white balance of the camera. 
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