simg command reference

simg adcs Area dependent contrast stretching
simg add Adds two images (with variable factors)
simg addsetex Adds an image set with exponent
simg addset Adds an image set
simg affineadd Shifts and adds an image set
simg affinecombine Combines two affine coefficient files
simg affinecompose Shifts and compose an image set
simg affinecut Shifts and cuts an image set
simg approx Approximation by polynomials up to grade 9 and/or other images
simg badzero Subtraction of bad zero image (darkfield)
simg bayer2 More Bayer image processing routines
simg bayer Modify Bayer images
simg bgapprox Background approximation
simg cb Contrast and brightness adjustment
simg colorize Colorize gray image
simg colors Color processing
simg compose Color composite
simg convert Conversion utility
simg convo Convolution of two images
simg cut Cuts an image
simg deinterlace De-interlace image, generates two output frames
simg denoise Denoising
simg draw Generates a specified pattern
simg drdeconvo Deconvolution using a inverse filter method based on a local damping regularization
simg exposure Modifies exposure information, combines or compose multi exposure images
simg fcolors Generates false color image from a single color image
simg fcorrect Extract jamming frequencies
simg fourier Fourier transforms an image
simg ftest FFT benchmark
simg getaffine Get the affine transform coefficient using stars
simg getgausspsf Make Gauss-PSF form a template PSF
simg getnoise Determine read out noise and AD resolution from an image set
simg getpsf Calculate PSF
simg getshift Calculates the shift coefficients for an image set
simg histcut Contrast stretching by histogram cutting
simg info Print image information
simg ladeconvo Local approximation deconvolution (the comfortable way)
simg log Logarithm of an image
simg mul Multiplies two images (with variable exponent)
simg pcam Grabbing from firewire digital camera (dcam, supports long time modified cameras)
simg plot Make a nice plot
simg polar Polar coordinate tranformations
simg power Computes power of an image
simg rawread Read from raw device (e.g. from v4l2 device)
simg resize Resize an image
simg rldeconvo Richardson-Lucy-deconvolution
simg softshar Blurs/sharpens an image
simg starsplit2 Separates stars from background (non-blind version)
simg starsplit Separates stars from background (blind version)
simg vcdeconvo van Cittert's deconvolution with relaxation and noise suppression
simg videolti Grabbing from video device (for long time modified cams)
simg video Grabbing from video device
simg wiener Deconvolution using Wiener inverse filter
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